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For some time now I have been using comfort foods to cope with how I feel. I often eat when I’m not hungry and although I have gone through phases of cutting out some acne-triggering foods like dairy, I have been reluctant to let go of my comfort eating. I eat a lot of chocolate and I tend to want to eat until I’m really, really full.

I think it’s important to eat especially well when experiencing depressive moods, anxiety, and while studying, so even though I’m making over my diet I’m going to try to do it thoughtfully. I’ll aim to replace comfort foods with their equally comforting but healthy counterparts. I’m hoping that with the right changes I’ll be able to clear my skin (I’m going to get to the derm eventually for additional help), grow in some healthy and strong hair, gain energy, cure my tummy troubles, and increase mental clarity.

Through blogging and some research I’ve come across a lot of good information and have been inspired by a lot of leaders in healing.

Some of these people include:

Kris Carr, who’s blog Crazy Sexy Life I discovered a while ago. I also watched her documentary and thought it was really inspiring. She was diagnosed with cancer when she was in her 20s, and because she worked so hard to heal herself of this serious illness she decided to go public with her wealth of information on healing through diet and lifestyle. She puts a huge focus on alkalizing the body, which I think will help me a lot because it’s through an alkaline environment that the body’s processes are maximized, which I read will be very effective for my skin, hair, and mood troubles. Her blog is where I got my inspiration to try green smoothies and green juices, and I just ordered her book so I’m excited to learn more.

Gena from Choosing Raw (feel like a creeper for posting her picture but she doesn’t have a book, lol). She also healed herself through diet and lifestyle changes and I am super inspired by her. I have no plans to go raw but it will be fun to include some of her delicious recipes in my meals. She’s a certified nutritionist who has devoted her blog to helping other people feel better, and is even taking it all a step further by going to med school this year. She is one smart cookie.

Ani Phyo is a raw food chef who makes everything she cooks look amazing. I like her because I once read an interview in which someone asked her a very specific question about whether or not they should worry about eating Goji berries (a very nutritious, expensive lol, and kind of gross tasting berry but no judgment) that are heated at too high of a temperature. She responded that when choosing to eat healthfully we shouldn’t worry about the specifics, but instead feel good about our choices and give thanks that we have access to good information and a wide variety of food which a lot of people are not fortunate enough to have. I’m going to keep this tip in mind as I make my transition because I think it could be easy to get carried away and maybe very restrictive. I want to eat what is best for my body and my mind and I don’t want to make anything off limits because that could lead to more problems. I do not need an eating disorder.

In a past post, I also included a few books that I have read: Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe and The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone have influenced me as well.

Overall, I’m looking forward to making more progress and I’m feeling pretty okay. I’m going to work towards posting regularly so that I can keep track of the things that I’m trying, including tossing away my fears and getting moving with my schedule (will be more like a guideline).

As for today’s gratitude, a great article on things to be grateful for can be found here.

A few from that list that I liked:

Blogs – For connecting you with other like-minded people

Music – For lifting your spirits when you’re down and for filling your life with more love

Challenges – For helping you grow and become who you are


Remember this JT song? =) All I’ve been listening to lately are covers. Gotta love YouTube.

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