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Quick Update

So! I got Crazy Sexy Diet in the mail this morning and just finished it off (yes I did read all day).

I will get into greater detail later, but for now I need to get down some notes about major things I learned:

-Although the book is centered on dietary changes, there is a major emphasis on all of the other lifestyle changes that are just as important.

-Lifestyle changes include: a morning meditation/prayer and yoga practice, regular moderate exercise (35 mins a day), preferably getting outside for that exercise, and adding in a daily walk.

-Dietary changes are focused on eating a nutrient dense, gluten-free and low-glycemic vegetarian or vegan diet. It seems to me that the best thing to do is keep it vegan at home, and vegetarian when out, but I also think that organic animal products like eggs and meat should be added once in a while, because I like the idea of participating in relieving animal suffering, but I’m not comfortable with relying solely on supplements for anything I might be missing. Which brings me to my next note:

-I need to buy a multivitamin, a B12 vitamin supplement, a vitamin D supplement (turns out we all need this, vitamin D deficiency is a global epidemic), digestive enzyme capsules, and a probiotic supplement. I can continue to keep up with adding protein powders to my smoothies and adding MSM to my morning water. I guess it sounds like a lot but majority of these supplements are recommended to health-conscious non-veg eaters…maybe even more so, after learning everything I did in this book.

I’m really looking forward to moving forward and embracing a healing lifestyle, and I’m really hoping that by investing in myself this way, someday I won’t need medications, which are really expensive over time. I expect that I’m going to be taking an antibiotic and using medicated cream for my skin soon, but I think that will be fine since it’s temporary. This wellness lifestyle is all about helping the body and mind heal on it’s own.

I really loved the way Kris Carr wrote the book. I expect the she knew that her readers were going to get overwhelmed by all of the information but she wanted them to know that their mental health was most important to her and the key to making this all work. Depression was mentioned multiple times in the book, as well as skin problems. I’ve been thinking lately that there’s a good chance that my body may have just been sent plain out-of-whack by the birth control that I took, which created imbalances and sensitivity in my body, which stirred up lots of deeply rooted mental sludge that I, like a lot of people, carry and choose not to deal with, like ever. I mean, what’s left when all the goodness goes away?

Anyway, whatever is going on, I’m in a place right now where I’m ready to get active in my healing. I’m the only person that will ever know my body and I’m the only person that will ever live my life. And it can be a beautiful one, so there’s no shame in taking things into my own hands. I’m happy that I’m going to be happy. I’m pretty scared-but hey, without fear, we can’t ever know strength, hope, and thus love (be it self-love, or love-love).

Today’s Gratitude:

1. The support of my family and friends. My parents don’t want me to get too carried away or anything, and my mom knows that my diet is going to up the grocery bill (I will not be eating all organic though-the dirty dozen and clean fifteen lists are my guidelines), but in the end I expect they will let me do my thing.

2. School! Thank you, thank you Northeastern for offering me the chance to get pursue my degree.

3. God. Or the Universe. Whatever is responsible for putting me on earth and not letting me go through life without experiencing a real personal challenge. Getting through this means getting a second chance at life, and that’s worth everything. I definitely need to explore my religion in the coming time.

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