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New Groceries

Groceries =). I made a grocery list of whatever I may need in order to adopt a nutritious, mostly plant based diet that I’m hoping will support me in my efforts to overcome my obstacles. Seen in the picture are a mix of groceries from Sam’s Club, Walmart (they have the cheapest sweet potatoes, it’s wonderful), Whole Foods, and some items I already had at home.

I’ve put together plenty of greens and veggies: Spring Greens, Kale, Romaine, Spinach, Celery, Sweet Potatoes and Squash (which are supposed to be very soothing on the digestive system), and cucumber. There are also more veggies in the fridge =).

Gluten free grains: Brown Rice Tortillas (a discovery made on Kelsey’s blog), Quinoa, and Millet

Animal products: I initially felt that I could do well on a vegetarian diet, but in the last few weeks I’ve been having really strong sugar cravings and haven’t been feeling well. I decided to incorporate chicken and fish into my diet. I cooked the chicken last night and froze it along with the salmon so that I can have meat once in a while.There’s also some goat cheese there which I read is easiest to tolerate, but I tried it and really didn’t like it unfortunately.

Some condiments and things: Light Coconut Milk (The organic Whole Foods Brand was cheaper than most commercial brands which was a pleasant suprise), Bragg’s organic apple cider vinegar which is supposed to be very helpful with digestion, coconut water, and NuNatural Stevia drops.

I also bought a box of gluten free cookies which are so.yummy.

and some small air tight jars to store my grains in.

Overall, I had a nice time shopping and I’m looking forward to getting creative in the kitchen.

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